Drug Testing Durango, Farmington, Pagosa Springs


About JTI Drug Testing

Our team has brought their talents and years of public safety and medical professional experience together to provide full-service drug testing; immediate response screening; forensic laboratory testing with medical officer review; evidential breath alcohol testing; consortium management for Federal DOT-mandated testing, as well as mobile-on-site testing.


JTI Drug Testing Durango
Joanna Atencio - Founder

Joanna Atencio a native of Durango, CO - owner of Mobile Jo established in 2014, has completed the Breath and Alcohol Technician (BAT) qualifications course as well as qualifications for the Urine Analysis Collector (UA) course. She is proficient in the 49 CFR Part 40 procedures and was trained by a DATIA and SAPAA certified instructor.

JTI Drug Testing Durango
Jessica Tambre - Executive Administrator

Jessica has been a lifelong registered nurse and has recently decided to bring her talents and skills to JTI & Mobile Jo, while still carrying her license. As her passion to support humanity continues she will be linking arms with individuals in an effort to spread motivation, encouragement, and life skills through our life coaching program.

JTI Drug Testing Durango
Dr. Gregory Stilwell, DPM - Board of Director

Dr. Stilwell a board certified podiatrist, has manifested, led, and sold many business' revolving around health & wellness. Inventor and patent holder of the Stand Strong® Arch, Dr. Stilwell believes a strong foundation leads to increased overall health. Dr. Stilwell incorporates a multitude of both physical and mental practices/modalities to bring the leading edge to health, wellness, and consciousness. As an experienced consultant, Dr. Stilwell shares his talents, passions, and wisdom to Mobile Jo & JTI.